Wednesday, 15 June 2011

White sofa pledge.

  1. I will not scream over spilled milo.
  2. I will not mind cats' hair.
  3. I will not lose sleep when the sofa changed colour over daki and sweat.
  4. I will not stop the kids (esp. my son when he comes home from school) from sitting on it.
  5. I will not be annoyed if my son stuff the cushion corners to his nose.
  6. I will not nag my husband if he starts fidling with the cushion corners (what's wrong with the boys?)
  7. I will not cry if my daughter accidentally (not!) left an uncapped red marker pen in between the cushions (and only to discover it weeks later).
  8. I will not tell my family don't ever sit on the sofa - it's for buat cantik aje.

Can I keep the pledge?
Oh dear.. I may have to rethink about this. White sofas are dreamy but they are not practical.

2nd image from BarnHouse. I forgot where I got the first.

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