Friday, 25 May 2012

My wish is granted with a swipe

After much contemplation, I finally striked off one item in my wish list i.e. serging machine aka mesin jahit tepi. I have been thinking to get one since a year ago but felt it was too expensive and unecessary. Not that it is now more affordable (now more expensive actually) I got tired trying to beat the traffic at 6.30 pm after work rushing to the sewing shop only to find that it was already closed. While on the way to the shop today I vowed that if the shop was closed, I would go straight to Singer shop near my house to get the serger. So I did.. . this is the serger which I already test drove!

The serger was RM1345 (more expensive than my 'stupid' handphone (which is only RM150!).  I closed my eyes, swiped my credit card but not before shooing my husband to wait at a restaurant...hehehe.. To pay for it I probably have to hang the following in front of my house....

If it that's not enough, I'll probably have to put this too..

hmmm.... what the heck, might as well this too... hihihi...

For the time being my sewing cum art room looks like tongkang pecah surrounded by all the sewing projects under construction..

Hopefully the room won't stay like that for long as I have a very ambitious plan (ceh..) to transform it into one of these...

source: internet

source: internet

source: internet

Just wait and see..... For now let me enjoy my serger.. 

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