Thursday, 3 May 2012

Homemade Wreath

I made this wreath for my front door and it was one of the earliest projects I did as soon as we entered our new house. So here's how I made it.

First, gather all the things. Some good quality artificial flowers and leaves (I spent RM50 on them at SSF), green crepe paper, green tape, small green wires, cellotape, 2 wire clothes hangers, ribbon, and pliers.

Straighten the clothes hangers together and form a circle. I used 2 hangers to give some strength. Wrap the green crepe paper around it. 


The leaves and flowers came in bigger bunches which I then cut into individual branches. Start arranging the leaves in one direction around the circle. I used small green wires to tie them up into place.

After finishing the leaves, spread the flowers here and there to balance up the look. The arrangement should be voluminous. 

Tie up a ribbon and hang on the front door. My front door is Greek Blue, a color which I purposely chose for a reason (the story shall be in another post).

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