Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dress Me Up

I tried sewing a dress for my doter a fortnight ago. It is quite an upgrade from my past projects, i.e. cushion covers, skirts and baju kurung. It was made for my nephew's wedding but it wasn't worn as I wasn't too happy with the pink sash - felt that it was too strong for the dress. I was thinking to change it to a more toned-down material but haven't got the chance to buy it.

However, I've decided not to bother. Let's just stick with it as a reminder of my first attempt. After all, it was my doter's suggestion to match the materials together. And she had no qualms with it. The dress used 1 metre of fabric. I bought a metre of each colour from, you guess it, Nagoya last year. My original intention was to make pillow cases for Aisya but I felt the patterns are a bit too cute to be wasted as such. Total cost of the dress was just under RM15! I've cut the pink one and will try making a longer / maxi dress.

I asked Aisya what am I going to do when she grows up and if she would keep wearing my homemade dresses. She looked at me with a blank stare, trying hard not to say anything to hurt my feelings. That's a good girl... :)

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