Monday, 24 September 2012

What your front door says

I painted my front door blue for a reason. I was actually considering black as well.  But I thought black, although will look well with the rest of my white interiors, would be too boring, too matchy-matchy.  Instead, blue is different and fun. It adds the pop of color which I needed to make my home less clinical. The shade is not any blue, but Greek Blue!. I just made up the name. It was actually glossy Nippon paint. The inspiration came from houses in Santorini island, Greece. The houses are all painted in white which are so striking against the backdrop of the blue sea. The white and blue is a great combo and is all time classic.  

Santorini Island

Apparently, the color of your front door says something about the home owners.  

Red door means the home within is a vibrant place, full of life, energy, and excitement.

Purple symbolizes energy and invites good opportunities into your home. . 

Black front door projects strength, sophistication, power, and authority, indicating that the home is a inhabited by a person of substance. Yes, just look at the number.

A brown front door conveys warmth, stability, and reliability and other positive attributes. But darker brown signals a desire for privacy, even isolation.

White represents purity, virtue and serenity. 

Yellow means mental clarity, understanding, wisdom, confidence, humor... 

Green door connotes health, safety, tranquility, and harmony. 

And, my blue door means the homeowner views her home as a place of refuge -- calm, serene, and relaxing. That is so true..

Images: All from Google Image, except blue door.
Five popular front door colors and what they say about you.
What does your front door say? (

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