Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Polka Dot Birthday

My baby turns 7 today. She requested for a birthday party at school. I planned for a low key one - just a cake and party bags. For the theme, I chose polka dots. It was a coincidental decision since I happen to have lots of polka dot fabrics - thanks to my fabric obsession. Last two years was polka dot craze at Nagoya store. It was cheap - RM4/metre, so bought a metre of every color available.

I made party sacks from the fabric. It was a last minute decision - 2 days before the party. Aisya was worried when I said I was going to make, instead of buying them. I told her not to worry, it is easy peasy and promised to show her a sample. Such a client she was.

So here's the before picture. The mess was a lot worse than this.

Ta dah!!!!... cute aren't they? Each fabric was cut 18 x 9 inches. Fold the fabric in half and sew the inside out L shape. The top is cut using pinking shears to avoid fraying and also for the look. I sewed ribbons on the sides. The fabric is quite stiff making it uncomfortable for clothes but perfect for crafts like this.  

Here's a peek of the contents.

So after a few hours, this is the result. A basket of jolly good fun. Thank God there's only 22 kids in her class.

Her classmates singing the birthday song at the school canteen. The girl in light blue should have got an award for singing with the most emotion. Fyi, she did ask for a second serving afterwards.. haha..

Aisya playing Santa giving away the party sacks in her class.

Her present at home waiting for her to come back from school.

Her grin when seeing what's inside after ripping off the wrapper like crazy....

Yessss.... a doll house! A weekend project for us to do together. It can be decorated with paints, furniture, curtains, etc... endless creative opportunities to keep daughter (and mommy) occupied.

 Happy birthday Aisya... may you have a blessed life...

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