Monday, 24 June 2013

Cornish pasty

I experimented these tonight after watching 'Jamie's Great Britain' cooking show. The Brits called it Cornish pasty, the Malays called it Karipap, and my son called it Dinosaur curry puff.

I used Martha Stewart's pie crust recipe. For the filling, I used carrot, pumpkin, onions, beef and chicken (separate batch) and salt, pepper to taste. My daughter had fun as well making star shaped cookies.

The pasty was a little bit dry and too biscuit-y to my liking. My husband suggested that I reduced the baking time. The pumpkin worked extremely well with the pasties. Next time I may add a little gravy to the mix. All in all not bad for a first try. My son, as usual appreciated my effort the most and encouraged me to watch more cooking shows. Ouch!

I made 14 of these dino puffs. I liked that they looked rustic. Those with green dots are beef filling.

Had them with left over alfalfa sprouts and cherry tomatoes.

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