Friday, 14 June 2013

Tale of a cupboard

It's been a while since I blogged. 

I've been wanting to post this old project which I finished almost 2 years ago. A friend of my mother-in-law gave this away to us (along with other old furniture in the house!). To cover my embarrassment, I gave her a little money for their junk but my treasures. 

Cutting the story short, this is how the cupboard looked before. This is a typical cupboard Malaysians used to store food in those days before many could afford a fridge. My mom had one as well, with green mesh door. I remember checking for food every time after coming back from school. Sadly, the cupboard perished with nature.   

It was left untouched for a few months as I was contemplating whether to paint or keep the colour. It had seasoned brown varnish. Very retro. Very nice. A part of me said that I should keep it that way, it was a vintage piece.  Another me thought that it would make the house dark.

Me and I finally reached a decision. Maintain the original colour in the inside, but enhance the external with white paint. I replaced the original mesh doors with glass. We are both satisfied with the finished product - light and airy.

I fixed Laura Ashley's crystal door knobs which I bought in England (couldn't find ones in Malaysia). It now stores my pretty Wedgewood china collection (which I (will) never use).

Here are more recent shots. I have added more decorative stuff.

By the way, we call it 'gobok' here in Johor, Malaysia.
What are you 'diy'ing this weekend?

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