Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wish List - DSLR Camera

My old camera died on me last weekend. It was already giving so much problem and finally gave away when my son poke his finger onto the lens trying to force it to open. I checked with a shop today about the repair but I think saving it won't be worth the cost. So I looked around and that guy recommended this....

It is Olympus Pen  E-PL3. Well, I don't know much about photography jargon but what he showed me made me drool... He snapped a picture of my hubby - he looked good (but of course my husband said he is always handsome, yeah, yeah ... rolling eyes). The guy snapped my daughter jumping, everything was clear meaning that the speed was good. The only down side is that it is expensive. We just spent a fortune on our porch reno. And I need to purchase another lens to be able to do all the pretty things. I told the guy 'I'll sleep on it'.  

I always wanted a proper camera to take nicer pictures for the blog. My instinct tells me that I might get it - my birthday is on Sunday. That if my husband gets all the signals right... finger crescent!

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