Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tea anyone?

We had tea on our new porch today. I made marble cake and bubur pulut hitam. The kids loved the cake although I forgot to put baking powder in it. The bubur was my first ever attempt - it turned out good. I used my new Galaxy Note 2 for the above picture. All cushion covers above are homemade. The china are mixed some came from charity shop, some were our wedding gift from a hamper given to us. I bought the napkin during our holiday in Venice. And the tray was my mother's. It was old and battered - I actually spray painted 'Let's Bake' words on it, meant for a wall sign. The tea was bought when we had our holiday in Cameron Highland. It's been sitting in our cupboard waiting to be used.
All in all, nice food, nice day.. as the Brits would have said it.. it was LOVELY... Salam maal hijrah!

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