Monday, 10 December 2012

Beautiful Bali, indeed...

I just came back from a week long holiday in Bali. Bali surely lives up to its reputation - mystical and magical. 'The land of gods' as they say it, Bali has more statues than people. Temples are everywhere. Our driver/tour guide told us it is compulsory to have one in every house, every kampong, every district. The locals are friendly, religious, very proud and protective of their Balinese tradition. They love tourists (tourism is the only major income). The land is a gardener's heaven. Everything and anything grows. Their papayas were like something from 'Honey I blew up the kids' movie. Stray dogs were everywhere but amazingly no droppings were at sight! (putting Paris or even my neighborhood to shame). I was told that the Balinese conduct 'gotong royong' every week in their kampongs. They hold annual competitions for 'most beautiful, cleanest, kampong'. Those traditional spirit which Malaysia has already lost.

We stayed in Jayakarta Club Bali in Legian - service apartment fronting the Legian Beach. Except for rowdy Aussie youngsters, the place was otherwise comfy and beautiful. We did some touristy things, spent 2 days in the hotel catching up with some sleep and movies and lazed around the pool and the beach.

Our memories of Bali...

Balinese garden at the hotel

Legian Beach

Aisya doing the 'mudskipper'

Agent 0007

Stunning sunset

The photographer only managed to get her feet photographed

Ubud rice field
Too bad it was raining and the paddy was already harvested.
Holy Water Temple

Hindus waiting for their holy dips

Lots and lots of beautiful alleys like this

Ubud Water Palace

Kiddos with their farmer hats

Lots of whatever this thing is...

Petrol for motorbikes

Kuta Beach

Acres acres of rice fields along the way

The must-see Tanah Lot - too touristy to our liking though..

Tanah Lot

Snorkeling in Nusa Dua. Aisya jumped out of the water just after 5 minutes (gave Imran a chance to score points and annoyed her for the rest of the day).

Pecatu Beach. Freaking beautiful - clear blue water,  white sandy beach.

Strong current though - wished I was a surfing babe.

The beach won't be a 'virgin' for long. The area is  being heavily developed by Suharto's children (we were told) for the rich and famous.

Garlands of emerald-coloured seaweed... 

Can't get enough of it.. 


Our only family portrait

Watching the famous Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Temple

while witnessing the setting sun... 

then ended the day with supposedly romantic candle-light seafood dinner at Jimbaran beach (we followed the Lonely Planet). If only I could see what I was eating...

Fisherman Snorkeling village in Blue Lagoon

View from Blue Lagoon

Rice fields

More rice fields.. 

View from the top of some mountain - near Mount Agung

Delish lunch at Lebih Beach

After one week of seeing too many temples and eating too much instant noodles (acceptable food is hard to find), we are glad to be home. So long Bali, till we meet again....



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