Saturday, 31 August 2013

Baby bedding set

Baby bedding set consists of 2 bolster cases,
2 pillow cases and a duvet cover.
My friend requested me to sew a bedding set for her newborn son to be used for his 'cukur jambul' ceremony . I was reluctant at first given my long-term conflict with deadlines. But I did it anyway although I missed the deadline. She said, it's okay, just go ahead.

Her idea was a simple bedding from a white fabric. Afraid all white would be too plain, I was looking for cotton with subtle embroidered patterns but couldn't find any. So I ended up with this instead - a high quality cotton, very soft (perfect for a baby). It has subtle lines (quite masculine I think). I've seen this material being used for bedding in hotels. It's quite pricey - about RM30 per meter. I only bought a meter since the width is wide.      

On the design board
It took me a while to figure out the design. It should be a little decorative (but not too girly for a boy). The masculine lines needed to be soften a little otherwise it would be too 'grown up' for a baby. So I went with ruffles and crochets. The crochet patterns were cut from an old, torn table cloth from my fabric stash. 

The lines are visible here
Experimenting with the pillow cases
Reflecting on the learning curve - these are my first tries with crochet and button holes (used for the duvet cover).  And the most memorable part is - it's my first (paid) client! 

All set and ready to go.
To my 'client' Ana - it's an amateur's job. I hope mommy and son like it. I'll accept whatever you pay me :)  

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