Saturday, 28 September 2013

Spring cleaning

On Friday, yesterday, I psychoed myself to dedicate my weekend to clean the house which has been somewhat neglected. So this morning I have successfully cleaned the fans - highly recommended to increase its energy efficiency. Then I saw my chandelier in the kitchen with horror. It's like something from Adam's Family movie scene. Thinking that we have dinner underneath made me cringe.

Chandy before
Before my gear turned to 'lazy mode', I quickly gathered some cleaning supplies. At first I experimented with vinegar and water solution (1:2 ratio) but it didn't really do the trick. Water and cloth sufficed. I learned this trick from the net - hanging an upside down umbrella to catch the dust and water drippings. Next time I should first brush the dust off before wetting them.

Crime scene
Here's the after. Crystal clear! It took me almost 2 hours! Eeeekk.... I have another chandelier in the living room. That has to wait.

Chandy after

A little story about the chandy - it was a pre-loved item I scored from (Malaysia's ebay). I think it was about RM170. It was glass, not crystal. You should know by now that I love second-hand items. The price is one thing. But the main attraction for me is the stories behind them. Plus, their potentials - the excitement and satisfaction I get when anticipating the results and after turning them into something beautiful and loved again.

My house is full of those things. I won't trade them for newer, flashier furniture. My son doesn't appreciate them and keeps asking us to buy new stuff, more like a totally new house actually. I told my daughter, who is always a good listener, that I like those stuff because of their characters. She didn't understand at first. After explaining to her, she suddenly said 'oh you mean they have history?'. Didn't I tell you she's a good listener? :D

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