Wednesday, 1 January 2014

How to celebrate New Year

01.01.14 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

How to celebrate new year?
After satisfying dim sum brunch.. head home and spent time in the sewing room.

Been wanting to try making this Union Jack cover since I saw it a few years ago. Not that I'm an anglophile though. I used old t-shirts and scraps. Worked we'll since I didn't have to serge the edges. The white cloth was purposely ripped to fray.  The cushion fits well in my son's bedroom.

When I showed it to my husband, his remark was 'you are in the wrong country'. My son said 'I don't like America'. I said this is not America.. it's England. He said 'I don't like England... Uhhh what's England?...

Haishhh people give me break will you. I just want to make something pretty..

Enjoyed my crafty afternoon.... Listening to Nasional FM Radio station...macam mak mak...heeeeee

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