Monday, 3 February 2014

Baby pillows

I made these over the Chinese New Year break. What else to do right? Gifts to my friend on the arrival of her new baby boy.

Mental design : Simple. Buntings pattern sewn over white material. I imagined for the inside fabric to peep through.

Supplies : White cotton material with embroidery details (leftover from my previous pillow case project). Patterned coloured cotton materials (I used blue + brown + stripes over white). Perfect for a baby boy - some masculinity. Super soft grade A kekabu filling, I bought in Perak during our road trip holiday last year.

New sewing skills learned : Sewn-over bunting patterns. Making a bolster (making the rounded cap at the end required some skill. I got my hub to help calculating the diameter, radius, etc. At the end I hentam jelah tracing the shape using a jar! Haha)

Dear my friend Sha, I hope Muhammad Umar Zharif loves to snuggle the pillows...

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