Sunday, 30 March 2014

Melaka nightmare

We went for a short trip to Melaka During the Chinese New Year break. We didn't plan for it. Ops redah and terjah.

We wished we never left home. 

We arrived in Melaka only to be greeted by massive traffic in Ayer Keroh. Too many attractions located on that stretch. And too many traffic lights. Melaka is really the land of traffic lights. And grave yards! We could see 1Malaysia even in the afterlife. We went straight to Holiday Inn. It was fully booked. The next one was also full. And the next. And the next. We called almost 20 hotels, pricey and budget. No availability! The kids were already whining blaming us for bad planning.

We went to Umbai supposedly famous for its ikan bakar. It was totally awful. Fish not fresh, slow service (waited 2 hours but only half of our orders came), and pricey! That's our first and last.

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Still no luck with the hotel we decided to drive back home at 10 pm (after spending only 4 hours there). On the way to the highway I saw a signboard of a hotel. Told my husband we should give it a try just in case there's availability. It was a few minutes away from the main road. We were greeted by a big porch and bright lights. I thought wow this is so grand and promising. To my delight they did have rooms! The kids jumped with joy. I chose a cheaper room as we'll only use it for sleeping.  After checking in while the kids bathing I decided to google the hotel as I never heard of it before. To my horror I found this Puteri Resort Ayer Keroh Melaka     That's exactly our room!!!!!!

Without finishing the reading I told my husband we need to change room immediately. I only explained afterwards. We took a more expensive room. It was obviously refurbished so different from the haunted one. I did more internet research next day about the hotel. Some guests reported spooky experience there. Any coincidentally my friend said one of our company's staff died in the swimming pool there!

The breakfast was horrible. And returning home we had to endure 6 hours of public holiday traffic though we took an inner road.

All in all Melaka is a nightmare.

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